Disaster Management Workshop

I co-facilitated a Global Facilitators Facilitators Corp. (GFSC) workshop on Disaster Management at SEAMEO-INNOTECH in Manila. GFSC and SEAMEO have a partnership agreement to promote disaster recovery and social psycho reconstruction process to educational institutions in South East Asia. 

This workshop was to introduce the SEAMEO-INNOTECH staff to the GFSC disaster models and facilitation processes.  

AODN/IODA Global OD Summit In Hyderabad

 I went to the AODN/IODA Global OD Summit in Hyderabad.  (You can see details on the conference at their website http://www.iodaindia.org/ ) It was an interesting mix of practitioners from around the world, particularly the IODA members, and a cross section of Indian OD practitioners. 

IAF Asia - Meeting 2.0 meets Web 2.0

A thinktank about facilitation utilizing the Web 2.0 tools and the virtualization of meetings

It was a lot of fun to lead a group in thinking about the relationship between facilitation and available web base tools.  I have been emphasizing that there is a great deal of commonality, particularly about involvement, between facilitated meeting and Web 2.0.

Facilitating Transformation in Crisis

This was an interesting exercise in creating a presentation which is relevant to the current period of financial crisis.   

I have always found it interesting when people describes the current moment as the period of "most dramatic change."  

This presentation talks through an organizational change case study of how to bring about transformation change in a crisis situation.  That is, how do you choose the change rather than having the change done to you.