Disaster Facilitation

With recent disasters in Burma and China, I have been thinking again about how facilitators can contribute to the disaster recovery process. Two levels of disasters relief involve the immediate recue operation and the long term recovery process.

I consider succes at the first level to be dependent upon prepartion so that you are implementing what you have prepared for. Though you do not know when/where a disater will strike, you can know that in a particular region that a certain type of disaster is likely to strike. The more you have prepared and practice, the more rapidly you can address the crisis and coordinate the resuce operation.

The second level is where you concenrate on long term recovery. It is so easy for people to be forgotten or for them to become dependent on relief measures. The recovery operation is about helping people to retake tehir responsiblity for their lives and community.

I have been particularly impressed by the work done by the Global Facilitators Service Corps (GFSC).

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